Desi Girl Guide: Five Shoes To Play In Rain

Shoes have a special place in every women’s heart and their closet. For every mood and occasion, the right pair of shoes can create the right energy. As they say, comfortable feet can make you happy. Here we focus especially on the rains as fashion is important even in this season, isn’t it? We love … Continue Reading

10 Shopping Streets That Every Shopaholics Must Visit In Mumbai

Mumbai is a paradise for all the shopaholics. There is variety style and new upcoming trends that you’ll find in plenty at famous streets of Mumbai. Each street in Mumbai has its speciality if you are looking for something in dresses Bandra is where you can go without a shadow of doubt. You can get … Continue Reading

Wedding Lehenga For The New-Age Bride: Ramp-walk Collection

Most girls plan their weddings from a very long time. It’s just when they find their ‘Mr. Perfect’ that this dream comes into action. While all the other arrangements are taken care of by their parents and close friends, the heart-pounding moment of choosing their wedding dress is done by the bride. So to help … Continue Reading

The Best of Bollywood’s Denim Style

Denim, a very popular style from the age old 19th century, is the king of casual wear. Even if ripped or used roughly it stays up to its dignity and coolly becomes a new trend. While it reminds us of the punk era without any shadow of doubt it is the most happening wear. Slip … Continue Reading

The Best of India Beach Fashion Week 2016: The Stars, Colours and Glamour

The third edition of Indian beach fashion week held in goa was the largest and most memorable one of all the fashion weeks held in Asia. Displaying ace beach style wears to suit goa’s fun moments with style. It was held at JW Marriott Resort and spa located at Panaji the capital of Goa. With … Continue Reading

Trend of The Month: Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces can be traced back from the 90’s popular fashion trends where these were considered really cool and classy. Even today a choker necklace can make you stand out as they are back in trend. The funky style today has already been embraced by our celebrities and street style stars alike. And a new style … Continue Reading

Six 90’s Fashion Trends That Made a Rocking Comeback In 2016

Many of us would admit calling our parents age old fashion sense as outdated. But it’s funny how fashion showed its boomerang style over time because today those same old looks can make you the chicest woman in the room. As it is rightly said history repeats itself. Well, the next time you’re browsing through your parent’s … Continue Reading

Cannes 2016: Indian Beauties Steal The Show

Cannes film festival witnessed some unique designs and exceptional makeup, our Bollywood stars this year. Aishwariya Rai Bachchan took the top place on twitter’s ‘gossip’ list. Birdies tweeted about Aishwariya kissing a Smurf and many such one-liners did rounds over the internet. Whereas Sonam Kapoor is no less. With her sensational dresses at Cannes, she’s … Continue Reading

21 Best and Worst Dresses at The Met Gala 2016

The future of fashion showed off at Met Gala 2016, also called Costume Institute Gala is exclusive. This Gala is an annual fund-raising event for the costume institute at New York city. It is a reflection of our changing culture and is a revolutionary feast of fashion. Invoking individual designers all over the world to … Continue Reading

7 Shoes To Complete Your Closet Collection

Ambitious young women and hardworking housewife’s in India often get so engrossed in serving others that we miss out on what’s important to care for ourselves. For women cultivating your wardrobe is one small source of entertainment, so don’t miss out on this one. With seemingly endless options each season your wardrobe need not look … Continue Reading