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- What is HuLocal?

HuLocal is a fashion m-commerce platform that allows users to buy or window shop for local fashion accessories.

- What is the window shop feature on HuLocal?

The window shopping feature allows users to browse conveniently through fashion selling in their local markets, from the comfort of their home. The user can get the exact shop address of where a product sells, all for free.

- What products can I window-shop for on Hulocal?

You can window-shop for clothes, bags, sunglasses, jewellery and shoes on HuLocal

- What products can I buy on Hulocal?

You can buy our very own selection of kurtis, tees, tops and gowns.

Which cities do you operate in?

We operate in Mumbai

- Which areas do you deliver to?

We deliver through Mumbai, from Virar to Churchgate.

- Are there any delivery charges on products?

There are no delivery charges.

- Can I change the delivery address of my order?

You can change the delivery address before dispatch of the order by contacting us at

- What if a delivered product is defective?

Any defective orders can be cancelled within 3 days.

- How do I cancel my order? What is the cancellation policy?

All orders can be cancelled before dispatch.

- How can I make payments for products at HuLocal?

We accept cash on delivery for all our products

- What If I want to return something? What is the refund policy of HuLocal?

You can contact us at within 3 days of the delivery data and our employee will replace the product at your door step.

- How much time does it take for a refund?

Your refund will be processed within 3 days

- What if I have any complaint regarding my order?

You can contact us at regarding any complaints and we will swiftly look into them.

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